Anna's Story
(as told by 3 of her friends)
Anna February 15, 2004
(Before Feb 19, 2004 Gamma
knife procedure &
March 8, 2004 seizure)
To Our Friend
Anna -
We just don't know
how else to help.
We can't make it go

May 3, 2003 - While bending over at home; Anna feels like she was hit in the back of her head with a baseball bat.  
She is aware enough to call 9-1-1.  Anna is admitted to the hospital where she is kept in a somewhat subdued
drug induced coma state while the medical staff tries to determine what is causing the pain in her head.
All tests have shown that the pain is being caused by a large amount of intercranial blood from an unknown source.
The immediate reaction from the medical staff is that she has suffered an aneurysm and the first couple of days
would tell whether she could pull through.  The other potential condition considered was AVM a condition one is
born with and surfaces later in life.
By process of elimination; it was determined that Anna had suffered a stroke - cause unknown

July 12, 2003 - Excerpt from an email I received from Anna.................
I can drive again!  My doctor told me this week I can start driving (just not long distances) and also I can try going
back to work full time!  I feel like an adult again!  Of course I went to work this week and worked 10 hour days and
over did it and exhausted myself so I took most of Friday off.  But there is so much to do after being off for 2 months!  
But it feels good to be back in the real world again.  In 6 weeks I go back to neurologist and she will do a ct scan to
see how the blood is on my brain and compare it to the on she took in June.  My vision is great now (good thing
since I'm driving!) and the headaches are a lot better.  I'm still on a lot of the meds, but not on all of them.  They still
don't know why I had the stroke, but seem to be satisfied with all the results of the many tests I've had which have
shown no cause for the stroke and show that I'm very healthy otherwise.

August - November 2003 - Anna begins to have headaches which get progressively worse forcing her to take
vicodin to make it thru a day.

November 2003 - Anna's neurologist orders an MRI with contrast to find out what's going on - it shows that she has
a tumor - she pulls all her medical records since she went 6 months with an incorrect diagnosis

The Turning Point..........
- going forward with new and very highly acclaimed Doctors

December 2003 - Thru the help of some friends Anna finds a highly reputable Neurosurgeon in the Chicago area
and also moves her medical records to a new Neurologist

December 10, 2003 - Anna undergoes surgery named 'craniotomy' to remove her non-cancerous benign tumor.  
Just after surgery, her family receives the news that the tumor is most likely a malignant tumor and therefore a form
of cancer.  Not all of the tumor could be removed surgically without risk to Anna's life.

December 15, 2003 - Anna is released from the hospital; 5 days after craniotomy surgery

December 22, 2003 - Anna receives radiation treatment 5 days a week for 6 weeks until February 3, 2004 - this is
done in advance of receiving pathology reports.
Anna August 30, 2004
(After 5th round of chemo)
Brain Cancer Patient, Wife & Mother

Please find knowledge and encouragement about brain cancer from this site - with every step Anna took in her 4.5
year FIGHT
, she continued to help others providing support.  
This site will live on to support her wish to always help others...........